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LED near future subject to market LED television buying boom subsided, but the lighting, t8 led tube is very hot! LED manufacturers to disclose the recent strict implementation by the end of the "Eleventh Five" power rationing measures, the Chinese government forced to make large-scale factories to replace the way of LED fluorescent energy-saving, indirect pull the T8 T5t8 led tubes in China, Hot, the fourth quarter of LED light bar shipments by leaps and bounds growth.

The price of the t8 led tubes is about 220 yuan, 330 yuan than the beginning of the year fell 50 percent, the price fell by about 1-2£¥ for the third quarter.

Insiders pointed out that the LED price of the original is a quarterly basis to decline, but the price down to help lead the lighting market to take off, and even some manufacturers of the original low sales of secondary products, "not only wiped out the inventory, but also increase revenues.

But industry sources also stressed that because there is no certain standard products in China, some Chinese factory, the brightness is not enough, the quality of the lamp followed sold "as cheap T8 lamp an asking price of only about 110 yuan -180 $ between the same people rushing to buy. "

It is understood that due to large-size LED backlight, three quarter by the impact of panel makers cut shipments began to decline in the fourth quarter into the low season LED shipments is a marked decline in, in order to alleviate part of the large-size backlight LED inventory, the number of LED plant capacity he moved to the lighting market to solve the problem of inventory.

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