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Home > News > Led lighting in the rapid development of LED lighting has also been more and more recognition.

Now, the use of t8 led tube is very common, the resulting problem is how to deal with more and more waste t8 led tube?

According to an enterprise in Dalian City electrician Master Zhao, a home energy-saving fluorescent tube containing 0.3-0.5 mg of mercury, t8 led tube, broken, emit mercury will cause bad environmental pollution, in general, one gram of mercury can contaminate about 100 tons of drinking water. Master Zhao suggested that home with the old t8 led tube can be replaced with LED lamps, and do so more environmentally friendly.

It is understood that waste t8 led tube easily broken, broken bursts from the mercury vapor. Inhaled, may lead to mercury poisoning. Public Zhang the accumulation fifty-six of of waste t8 led tube. "I hope that the establishment of a dedicated recycling in the area near the trash can, to facilitate the collection of household waste such as t8 led tube so likely to cause pollution." Mr. Zhang said.

Used t8 led tube how to do? Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. R & D personnel revealed that the company has developed a set of equipment, and recycling of mercury lamps in a confined space to prevent the leakage of toxic substances into the environment.

Reporters recently interviewed Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Solid Waste Management Department, the Director said that the relevant state regulations, the waste generated from the household t8 led tube, and not as hazardous waste. t8 led tube, fragile, difficult to preserve the separate collection more difficult. The authorities are preparing for the establishment of waste separation collection system, plans to set up waste separation room in the community, collection of used batteries, t8 led tube and other garbage, and then were transported to the processing unit.

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